Connetics Transportation Group: About CTG: Our Philosophy


At CTG, we take the leading edge expertise gained from our work on high-profile projects and combine it with the open and personal appeal we have cultivated as a small firm. The result is a philosophy of project delivery that we believe is both comprehensive and straightforward.

  • Systems must be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Is it more important to talk to riders on a transit route or map its ridership data? Our answer is “yes”. Neither the numerical nor the physical tells the whole story. Only in the synthesis of the two can real patterns be found.
  • The best solutions are at once dynamic and implementable. Most plans that just sit on a shelf end up there because the plan is either not dynamic enough to pose a real solution, or not detailed enough to actually be implemented. We design all our plans around transformative solutions that still have enough nuts and bolts drawn out to actually work on the ground.
  • An open, collaborative environment is imperative to good planning. While CTG can provide a fresh “outside” perspective in the evaluation of transit services, no one knows a system better than its operators and staff. Our work plans are devised to listen and work with the client – our partner – throughout, being sure their input and feedback are guiding the outcomes.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Analyze the qualitative and quantitative
  • Design to be dynamic and implementable
  • Maintain an open collaborative environment