CTG Team

The CTG team has been carefully assembled to bring our clients both a depth and breadth of public transportation experience without sacrificing the personal touch that comes from a small firm. Our principals each bring over twenty years of experience to our team, and our staff as a whole averages over 15 years of transit practice.

With several of our senior personnel coming from positions at transit agencies, we understand first-hand the daily balancing act of trying to operate a service on the road while planning a system for the future. And our entire team has been trained in our core project principles, which stress the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative analysis, dynamic yet implementable solutions, and open communication with our clients.


The CTG team brings a wealth of experience from working alongside and on staff at transit agencies.

Susan Rosales Susan Rosales has over 30 years of transit experience and is based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  She has worked on numerous projects in Los Angeles County, the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Tulsa, Denver, Minneapolis, Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids.  Prior to consulting, Ms. Rosales directed multimodal planning and programs for a 29-city subregion of Los Angeles County with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and managed the countywide rail planning program under its predecessor agency, the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission.  Ms. Rosales has extensive experience with transit operations plans and cost-effectiveness evaluation for FTA Section 5309 New Starts projects and environmental documents, long-range transportation plans and transit project management from conceptual study through environmental clearance. Download resume >

Milbrey Heard, AICP Milbrey Heard, AICP has over 20 years of transportation planning experience and is based in Atlanta. Ms. Heard has extensive transit operations planning experience working on a variety of projects, primarily in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest regions of the country. Projects she has managed or worked on include: short-range Transit Development Plans (TDPs), Comprehensive Operations Analyses (COAs), and transit feasibility studies, and long-range corridor studies, FTA Section 5309 New/Small Starts projects, and systems plans. Prior to consulting, Ms. Heard’s career includes eight years in public sector transportation planning at the MPO and local levels. Download resume >

James Baker James Baker has over 25 years of transportation project planning experience and is based in Atlanta.  He has worked on a variety of transit projects around the country with an emphasis on developing transit service plans, evaluating ridership and estimating O&M costs.  Short-range projects have included numerous Comprehensive Operations Analyses and Transit Development Plans for small and large urban transit agencies across the country, many of which he has managed.  He has also worked on numerous long-range systems plans and corridor BRT, LRT, HRT and commuter rail projects such as FTA Section 5309 New Starts corridor projects. Additional projects that Mr. Baker has managed include transit fare evaluation, park-and-ride feasibility and corridor transit/TDM studies. Download resume >

Tim Crobons Tim Crobons has over 25 years of transportation planning experience. Mr. Crobons has worked on studies and projects in numerous cities across the country with extensive experience in multimodal transit operations planning, O&M cost estimation, and short and long-range transportation planning. Projects he has managed or worked on include: FTA Section 5309 New Starts Corridor Planning (AA, DEIS, FEIS, PE), Comprehensive Operations Analyses (COAs); Transit Development Plans (TDPs), Transit Systems Plans, existing transit service evaluations on a route-specific and sub-area basis, and coordination of travel demand forecasts. Download resume >

David Schmitt David Schmitt provides strategic leadership for infrastructure investment and operational implementation projects. This includes using his extensive experience in travel demand forecasting, traffic and ridership forecasting, transit survey analysis and transportation planning to develop recommended strategies to streamline federal and local processes and accelerate project development. Download resume >

Ashutosh Kumar Ashutosh Kumar has over eleven years of experience in multi-modal corridor planning studies, data driven planning techniques, travel demand model development and forecasting, traffic and transit ridership estimates, and New Starts analyses. In addition to his extensive use of a variety of travel demand forecasting software packages, Mr. Kumar has used ArcGIS, statistical software packages and various programming languages for applied and research purposes which include SAS, SQL, R, MINITAB and MATLAB for data analysis and interpretation. He has also developed programs in FORTRAN and C/C++. Download resume >

Kyeongsu Kim Kyeongsu Kim has expertise in travel survey methods, big data analytics, accessibility, travel demand forecasting, and transit and socioeconomic related studies. He has superior knowledge of econometric methods such as hedonic price and probability choice models (i.e., discrete choice and multinomial logit model). Mr. Kim has dealt with various transportation, socio-demographic, and economic data i.e., cell phone signal, GPS, Bluetooth, mobile app location data, national/regional travel survey, preference survey, transit OD survey, traffic count, travel demand model OD output, Census data (ACS, CTPP, LEHD, LODES, BLS labor statistics), InfoUSA, tax assessed property lists, and multiple listing services. He also possesses the capability to handle and analyze big data with a range of packages such as R, STATA, SPSS, SAS, Python, SQL, ArcGIS, and TransCAD.  Mr. Kim has been a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) committee on Travel Survey Methods, ABJ40, since 2014. Download resume >

Susan McCleskey Susan McCleskey based in Atlanta, has 30 years of experience in transit operations planning projects, specializing in the development of operations and maintenance (O&M) cost models to estimate annual costs for transit study alternatives.  Projects ongoing and completed have been for many U.S. transit agencies and encompass a variety of existing and planned modes of service including conventional bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, heavy rail, traditional commuter rail, streetcar, diesel multiple unit and automated guideway/people mover systems.  Project locations include Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Lansing, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Norfolk, Orlando, Raleigh/Durham, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa and municipalities in the greater Washington, DC area. Download resume >

Glen Waters Glen Waters has 25 years of scheduling and service planning experience, with 13 of those years being at public transit agencies. Since joining CTG, Mr. Waters’ emphasis has been on short-range route planning projects including Comprehensive Operations Analyses (COAs) and Transit Development Plans (TDPs). He excels in system optimization and expansion planning, with the ability to recognize the operational impacts within his service planning products. System-level and route-level performance evaluations are also areas where Mr. Waters lends his expertise. As the former Manager of Service Planning & Scheduling at both LYNX (Orlando, FL) and MARTA (Atlanta, GA), Mr. Waters brings hands-on experience with scheduling and run-cutting using TRAPEZE FX scheduling software as well an manual Excel methods. Download resume >

Matt Orenchuk Matt Orenchuk joined CTG in 2014 and is based in Chicago.  Mr. Orenchuk has over 10 years of experience as a transportation engineer and planner, bringing a distinctive blend of transit operations knowledge, traffic engineering, and socio-economic analysis to his consulting engagements.  His transit experience includes corridor feasibility studies, comprehensive operation analysis, transit development plans, strategic planning, and operations and maintenance cost estimating.  As a transit consultant Mr. Orenchuk has worked on transit studies in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. Download resume >

Dan Nelson Dan Nelson is a recent addition to the staff of CTG, and brings ten years of experience in the public transportation industry. His expertise includes bus and rail service planning studies, O&M planning and cost estimating for New Starts/corridor projects, and implementation/operations support activities including safety and security program management, and O&M contract procurement and management. Some of his recent work includes operations and safety/security implementation for streetcar projects in Ft. Lauderdale and Washington, D.C.  Download resume >

Nathan Barnett Nathan Barnett joined CTG in 2010 and is based in Oakland, California.  Mr Barnett's transit planning experience covers service plans and operations and maintenance (O&M) cost estimates for corridor studies and Alternatives Analyses (AA), Short- and Long-Range service plans for Comprehensive Operations Analyses (COA), and Transit Development Plans (TDP).  Mr. Barnett has worked on projects for numerous agencies in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC, among others.  He has recently worked on an AA in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a COA for Norwalk, California; both a regional transportation plan and a transit and Transportation Demand Management plan for the Northern Virginia/DC metro area; and has recently comanaged ridership inventories for INCOG in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Much of Mr. Barnett’s work utilizes demographic and operations data, GIS mapping, and graphic design software. Download resume >

Sujith Rapolu Sujith Rapolu has five years of experience in travel demand model development, corridor planning studies, demand forecasting, transit ridership estimation, transit survey expansion, New Starts analysis and traffic simulation projects. He has experience working with Cube Base/Voyager and Cube Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS) travel demand forecasting software packages. He is also an expert in FTA’s Simplified Trips-On-Project Software (STOPS), which is a limited implementation of the conventional “4-step” travel model. He has also developed data-driven ridership forecasting models in Cube Voyager for applications in Southeast Florida. Download resume >

Adam Barnum Adam Barnum joined CTG in 2016 and is based in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Barnum has over 5 years of experience in the transportation planning field and brings a diverse skill set of transit operations, transportation demand management, land use planning, and graphic design to all of his projects. His experience includes work on corridor studies, operation analysis, and GIS analysis with his most recent work involving several corridor studies in Central and South Florida. Download resume >

Sean McTague Sean McTague  joined CTG in 2013 as an intern and became full time in 2014.  He has worked on a variety of projects with transit agencies across the U.S, including DART (Dallas, TX), MARTA (Atlanta, GA), and INDYGO (Indianapolis, IN), among others.  His experience includes work on Comprehensive Operations Anaylses (COA), corridor studies, and ride-check surveys, with his most recent work involving the DART COA.  Much of his analysis utilizes GIS, demographic, and operations data to interpret and then visualize relevant findings and recommendations. Download resume >

Ankita Chaudhary Ankita Chaudhary joined CTG in 2016, and has expertise in travel demand model development, traffic and ridership forecasting, transit ridership estimates, data analytics and survey design. She has experience with Cube Voyager, STOPS and Arc GIS. She has also worked with the CFRPM and SERPM travel demand forecasting models. She has expertise in various programming languages including JAVA, C#, C++, VB and data analysis tools such as MS Access, SQL and Excel VBA. She has applied different statistical software packages for research purposes and shows deep understanding of analyzing and interpreting data. Download resume >

George Maier George Maier  joined CTG in 2013 and has contributed to diverse projects in states across the U.S. including North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, and his home state of Georgia.  Most recently, Mr. Maier has worked on a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) contributing a latent demand analysis of the transit system using cell phone records to map travel patterns.  Mr. Maier has also been involved in transit planning for university cities such as the long range BRT planning for the Chapel Hill Transit North-South Corridor and the COA of RTS in Gainesville, Florida.  For many projects, Mr. Maier leverages his background in the geographical sciences to analyze and visualize spatial and temporal trends of transit systems. Download resume >

Fengjian Hu Fengjiang Hu is an experienced Transportation Modeler and Analyst who has two (2) years of experience in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering and Travel Demand Modeling for public and private sector clients. Areas of specialization include Travel Demand Modeling, Traffic Microsimulation, Traffic Impact Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Corridor and Toll Studies, and Transportation Surveys. Software aptitude includes CUBE/FSUTMS (experienced with SERPM, CFRPM, NERPM, OUATS and TBRPM), TransCAD, ArcMap/GIS, Synchro, VISSIM, CORSIM, HCS, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, SPSS, R, MS Access, SAS and MATLAB. Download resume >