Clients and Case Studies

For a small company, CTG has successfully built a national reputation as a leader in transit planning and operations. Our size allows us to carefully choose both our employees and our projects, being sure we are matching resources effectively. It also gives us the ability to serve a wide range of clients, from rural and suburban operators to mid-size and major urban systems.

Our clients return to us again and again because we believe not only in creating outstanding work products on-time and on-budget, but also in maintaining open and honest customer relationships. At CTG, we recognize that our expertise means nothing without a collaborative dialogue with the people who know their systems and communities best – our clients.

Below are just a few of the distinct projects we have recently partnered with our clients to complete. Click on a region of the map to learn about more projects we have concluded or are currently underway in your area.

Map Southeastern Region Northeastern Region Midwestern Region Western Reion

We work across the entire United States, from large cities and urban counties to small towns and college campuses. Click on a region of the country for a fuller view of CTG projects in one of these areas: