Connetics Transportation Group: Clients and Case Studies: Midwestern Region

Midwestern Region

Below is a list of projects we have completed over the last few years in the Midwestern United States. Projects in italics are currently active.


NW Arkansas Regional Planning Commission TDP


CyRide Orange Route Alternatives Analysis
Downtown Dubuque Alternatives Analysis


Circle Line (Chicago) Alternatives Analysis Study
Cook-DuPage (Chicago) Corridor Subarea Transit Planning Study
Greater Peoria Mass Transit District Comprehensive Operational Analysis
I-55 Bus-on-Shoulder Express Bus Study
Illinois RTA (Chicago) BRT Planning Support
Madison County Metrolink Feasibility Study
Metra (Chicago) Southeast Corridor Alternatives Analysis
Southeast Service Line (Chicago) Commuter Rail System Planning Refinements
South Bend Urban Corridor Study Alternatives Analysis
TCRPC Commuter Rail Alternative Definition & Ridership Forecasting
University of Chicago Traffic and Parking Demand Management Study


CATS (Baton Rouge) COA and AA


Bottineau (Minneapolis) Corridor Alternative Analysis Study
Cedar Avenue (Minneapolis) Transit Way
Dakota County Red Line Implementation Plan
Hiawatha (Minneapolis) Corridor Light Rail Transit Project
Metro Transit (Minneapolis) Arterial Transitway Corridors Study
Minneapolis Bottineau Corridor
Minneapolis Central Corridor Engineering Services
Minneapolis I-394 Transit Corridor Study
Minneapolis Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis
Minneapolis Riverview Corridor
Minneapolis Rush Line

Minneapolis Southwest Corridor Rail Transit Study
Northstar Corridor Commuter Rail Advanced PE
Red Rock (St. Paul) Corridor Commuter Bus Service Plan
Riverview (St. Paul) Corridor Major Investment Study
Robert Street (St. Paul) Corridor Transit Corridor Study
St. Paul Gateway Corridor DEIS


Kansas City Central Business Corridor Transit Plan
St. Louis Cross County Metrolink Extension Segment 1
St. Louis Metro South Corridor AA/DEIS
St. Louis North, South & West Corridor County MIS 


Omaha Alternatives Analysis


Indian Nation COG (Tulsa) Model Development
Indian Nation COG (Tulsa) System Plan Corridor Study
Oklahoma City Downtown Alternative Analysis
Oklahoma City Fixed Guideway Study
Tulsa Peoria/Riverside Corridor Alternatives Analysis
Tulsa Regional Transit System Plan


Capital Metro (Austin) Innovative Financing Professional Assistance
Cedar Hill City Center TOD
Corpus Christi RTA Comprehensive Operational Analysis
Cotton Belt PE/EIS
Dallas Northwest Corridor Major Investment Study
Dallas Southeast Corridor Major Investment Study
Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Rail Corridor Study
DART General Planning Consultant Services
D2 Alternatives Analysis
DART 2040 Transit System Plan Phase 1 (COA study known as Moving You Forward)
Denton County Commuter Rail EIS
Fort Worth SW2NE EIS/PE
Fort Worth TEXRail New Starts Submittal
Fort Worth Transit Alternatives Analysis
Houston Scheduling for Reimagine Plan Implementation
Lone Star Rail District (Austin-San Antonio) EIS
Lone Star Rail District Phase 2 PE and EA
San Antonio – The Alamo MPO Development of a Focused Model
San Antonio-Bexar Co. MPO – Travel Demand Model Update
San Antonio Comprehensive Long-Range Transit System Plan
San Antonio VIA  Metropolitan Transit General Planning
South Oak Cliff AA


Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee Corridor Study
Madison BRT Transit Corridor Study


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We work across the entire United States, from large cities and urban counties to small towns and college campuses. Click on a region of the country for a fuller view of CTG projects in one of these areas:

Photo Minneapolis, MN Bottineau Corridor CTG led the effort in developing bus and rail operating plans and O&M costs for Bottineau Transitway DEIS project alternatives. As this corridor enters the preliminary engineering phase, we continue to do operations planning including LRT travel time estimates and service requirements, supporting bus network definition, O&M cost estimation and transit network coding for the travel demand model. Download case study >

Photo Dallas, TX DART General Planning Consultant Services, DART Comprehensive Operations Analysis (Moving You Forward) We’ve performed a variety of operations planning tasks for DART over the years, including O&M cost model development, FTA Before and After studies, system impacts analyses, and multiple corridor studies. We are currently conducting a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (aka Moving You Forward) for DART’s bus network. Download case study >

Photo Baton Rouge, LA CATS COA, Market Research, and Alternatives Analysis For this multilayered three part study effort, CTG completed a Comprehensive Operations Analysis to support a tax referendum to expand and improve transit services. The tax passed and CATS implemented the COA Short-Range Plan recommendations in 2014. Download case study >

Photo Dakota County, MN Cedar Avenue Transitway (Red Line) Implementation Plan Update CTG prepared Cedar Avenue BRT (Red Line) service plans for opening year and future year conditions before Red Line service began. Now that service has been in operation since 2013, we are tasked with updating this initial implementation plan. We are analyzing existing ridership and service characteristics to identify near-term and long-term strategies for improving ridership. Download case study >

Photo Tulsa, OK Tulsa Regional Transit System Plan (Fast Forward) We were responsible for developing the bus system plan for INCOG’s Fast Forward study. Components included a peer analysis, review of existing transit service, evaluation and development of immediate-term, intermediate, and long-term bus service recommendations. Fast Forward identified the Peoria-Riverside corridor for BRT improvements as an immediate next step.Download case study >