Financial and Operating Cost Analysis

In the ideal world, we could provide services to meet transit needs without regard to budget constraints. The reality is that transit providers live in the world of budgets, grants, personnel, equipment, and politics. They need to know the optimal level of service to meet passenger demand, but they also need to know how much that service will cost, and what labor and materials it will require. CTG has extensive experience in estimating operating costs for any type of transit mode – standard bus service, bus rapid transit, light rail, streetcar, heavy rail, commuter rail (including diesel or electric-powered self-propelled vehicles), and high-speed rail.

  • Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Cost Estimation Models – single and multi-variable
  • Peer Analysis/Benchmarking
  • Cost and Service Allocation Models
  • FTA New Starts Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Evaluation of Funding Sources
  • Financial Plans
  • Fare Policy and Structure Analyses
  • Fare Revenue Estimation

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These are a few examples of our projects where our work involved financial and operating cost analysis.

Photo DART General Planning Consultant Services Dallas, TX In the course of the various studies we’ve been involved in, we’ve created O&M cost models for DART bus, LRT and passenger rail modes. Download case study >

Photo Loudon County Transit Commuter Bus Fare Analysis Northern Virginia CTG performed a comprehensive bus fare analysis investigating historical trends, incorporating a peer review, and isolating factors affecting ridership in order to propose a new fare structure addressing several objectives. The recommended fare structure was implemented prior to the WMATA Phase 1 Silver Line opening. Download case study >

Photo VTA BART Silicon Valley San Jose, CA CTG has developed detailed O&M cost models for VTA bus, VTA LRT, and BART heavy rail. Most recently, CTG completed an extensive update of a BART heavy rail O&M cost model. Download case study >

Photo Colorado Interregional Connectivity Study Denver, CO CTG developed detailed operating plans and service statistics for an interregional system of high speed rail, and O&M cost models for high speed rail technologies. Download case study >

Photo Georgia FY2014 NTD Data Submission Georgia CTG has been assisting the Georgia Department of Transportation in coordinating its National Transit Database (NTD) submittal to FTA for each of Georgia’s rural subrecipients in the Section 5311 federal program. Download case study >