News / June 3, 2020

CTG is pleased to welcome Dr. Bibhas Kumar Dey, who joined us from Transportation Econometric Modelling Group (TEMG) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He has widespread research and project experiences in transportation planning, modeling, engineering and data analytics. His expertise covers shared mobility demand modeling and forecasting, transportation policy analysis, route choice modeling, travel behavior modeling, transportation infrastructure performance analysis, big data analysis and processing, econometric modeling, statistical analysis and GIS mapping. His PhD dissertation consists of an assessment of shared economy systems e.g. Airbnb, bikeshare, ride hailing services demand and destination choice behavior employing different econometric and machine learning methods and finding significant factors influencing the choice decisions. He was also involved in several projects sponsored by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Through these experiences, he is familiar with quite a lot of technical programs such as VISUM, GAUSS, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, SPSS, SAS, RStudio, Python, C++ etc.