BART Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Project

CTG has been assisting the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) with studying and implementing a BART rail extension to Silicon Valley for the past several years.  This heavily traveled north-south corridor extends BART from its terminus in Fremont and planned extension to Warm Springs southward to Milpitas and ultimately to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara.

VTA secured federal funding in March 2012 for the first phase, extending BART to the Berryessa Station.  Construction is well underway with passenger service expected in 2018.  The second phase to Santa Clara is completing environmental clearance, with passenger service expected in 2026. Tasks performed by CTG staff have included:

  • Operations Planning: We have developed operating plans for all modes during all phases of the project, including assessments of impacts to BART’s core system.
  • O&M Costing: Our staff developed operating and maintenance (O&M) cost models for each of the operators/operating modes studied during all phases of the project.  VTA and BART O&M cost models were compatible with FTA guidelines for New Starts projects.
  • Preparation of FTA Section 5309 New Starts Submission: Our staff assisted VTA with the preparation of its submittal to the Federal Transit Administration to secure federal funding for the $4 billion Phase 1 project.
  • Evaluation of Maintenance Yard Capacity: CTG conducted an analysis to determine the size of the end-of-line maintenance yard that would be required for this project, and assisted with basic yard design and layout.
  • Cost Sharing Agreement: CTG has been supporting VTA in determining an appropriate BART invoicing and reconciliation process as Phase 1 prepares for opening.

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People: Baker, Barnett, Rosales

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