Broward County Premium Transit Corridor Vision Plan

Connetics Transportation Group (CTG) was tasked by Florida Department of Transportation, District 4 to evaluate the top nine productive transit corridors in Broward County for potential premium transit opportunities like rapid bus and LRT. The purpose of this effort was to identify and prioritize corridors with the best potential ridership for a future LRT or rapid bus service. This effort also ties in with Broward County’s potential referendum for an increase in sales tax that would fund transportation improvements in the County.

CTG’s key tasks involved identifying potential stations, potential alignments, travel times, preliminary operating plan, developing ridership forecasts for rapid bus and LRT alternatives and preliminary New Starts rating estimation for each of the corridors. CTG used two different models to estimate the ridership forecasts based on the transit mode:

  1. Regional STOPS Planning Model: This regional model was developed by CTG on a different project. This model was re-calibrated with a focus on Broward County Transit route level ridership for this effort. Ridership for LRT alternatives was developed using this model.
  2. Data-driven Incremental Model: CTG developed this model using the various transit surveys collected on BCT routes between 2010 and 2017. This model uses an incremental logit method on an observed origin-to-destination trip table to estimate demand due to service changes. Ridership for the rapid bus alternatives was developed using this model.

CTG used the ridership forecasts for LRT alternatives to estimate preliminary New Starts ratings. CTG has a proprietary in-house automated routine that utilizes ridership forecasts, estimated costs as well as data from projects that have already been built using federal dollars to estimate FTA’s New Starts project justification ratings. Overall, this effort helped FDOT D4 in identifying productive premium transit corridors within Broward County.

Categories: Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Ridership Forecasts & Capital Investment Grants
People: Crobons, Kumar, Schmitt

  • Categories: Crobons, Kumar, Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Ridership Forecasts & Capital Investment Grants, Schmitt