Central Florida Regional Planning Model (CFRPM) Version 7

CTG is leading a team for the Florida Department of Transportation that is developing the newest version of the Central Florida Regional Planning Model, the travel model used in most major planning efforts in East Central Florida. The model will feature a more refined zone system, with more than 30% more zones than the previous version; a geospatially-correct roadway network; a new travel generation module; a re-calibrated travel distribution module; and robust model validation process.

“Big data” and analytics will be used extensively for model calibration and validation. Trip flow datasets such as the 2017 National Household Travel Survey, the American Community Survey, LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES), AirSage and StreetLight will be used to develop calibration or validation datasets. Also, speed data from Traffic Management Center detectors and over 10,000 15-minute traffic counts will be used to validate the travel model.

The model is expected to be ready for release in fall 2019.


Categories: Travel Data and Analytics
People: Bang, Kim, Schmitt, Zhao

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