Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) NextGen 2050 Study

The Central Ohio Transit Authority’s recent (COTA’s) long-range planning effort, NextGen 2050, examined ways to enhance regional competitiveness and increase accessibility to jobs throughout the Columbus Ohio metropolitan region. CTG assisted COTA by developing a transit demand model and analyzing COTA’s planned 12 high-capacity corridors.

The 12 high-capacity corridors introduced new services, such as Bus Rapid Transit or Commuter Rail, to COTA’s most productive routes. To achieve a quick evaluation schedule, CTG developed a transit demand model using FTA’s STOPS model. COTA’s 2012 on-board rider survey and 2015 Automated Passenger Counter (APC) ridership data were the bases for this model. CTG then forecast project and route-level ridership for each high-capacity corridor. The results of the study are now COTA’s blueprint for providing public transportation through 2050, as its board adopted the NextGen 2050 plan at its July 2017 board meeting.

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