Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) On-Board Survey

CTG is part of a team designing, conducting and processing the latest on-board rider survey for the Central Ohio Transit Authority (known as COTA). This survey will help COTA address Title VI requirements and future planning needs.

CTG’s roles are to assist with the development of sampling plan and perform a detailed secondary expansion of the datasets. The expansion will include all available data, including APC information by time period by direction by stop or segment (i.e., stop group), park-ride vehicle counts by facility, student boardings, transfers by number and route type (e.g., express, BRT, local), boardings by fare type. Due to the number of dimensions, CTG will be using an error minimization process. This process includes multiple settings to help prioritize the rider types so that the most critical rider types are also the most accurate in the expanded dataset.

Categories: Travel Data and Analytics
People: K. Kim

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