Chicago Metra Station Optimization

CTG is part of the consultant team that conducted a Station Optimization Study for Metra in Chicago, Illinois.   The analysis evaluated 234 stations in the Metra system with two primary goals – (1) to create a useable database of station information and (2) determine recommendations for underperforming stations.

CTG had two roles in the project. One was station are planning and recommendations. Stations were reviewed and 25 were selected for a more detailed evaluation. CTG reviewed results on all 25 stations and provided recommendations for each. Each recommendation was dependent on the travel market involved. Examples included items like add more bicycle parking, increase reverse commute train trips, and add Pace Shuttle Bug services.

CTG’s other role was leading the regional equity analysis task. In some extreme cases stations were recommended for closure. For each station to be closed, CTG reviewed Metra’s Title VI document to determine if a major service change is triggered, which subsequently requires a regional equity document. CTG reviewed protected populations (minority or low income) near each station and determined if a disparate impact or disproportionate burden for protected populations exists. A Regional Equity Analysis document was completed for five recommended station closures. The documents will be a template if future closures are necessary in the system.

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