Connect Gwinnett: Transit Plan

Connetics Transportation Group is part of the consultant team that is assisting Gwinnett County with one of its first comprehensive system reviews, Connect Gwinnett: Transit Plan. This project also includes an evaluation of a potential major capital investment project (BRT or HRT extension) in the South I-85 corridor.

CTG assisted the team in reviewing existing transit services, preparing recommendations for phased service improvements, estimating O&M cost impacts, preparing a financial plan that includes an annual cash flow analysis.  CTG also led service plan development efforts for the short- and mid-range plans.

CTG was also responsible for implementing and calibrating FTA’s Simplified Trips on Project Software (STOPS) model for ridership forecasting of the proposed improvements, including for the potential South I-85 Corridor major investment. This is also one of the first applications of STOPS to evaluate ridership impacts as part of a service planning effort.

Categories: Long-Range Systems Plans, Short-Range Transit Service Plans
People: Baker, Heard, Maier, McTague, Nelson

  • Categories: Baker, Heard, Long-Range Systems Plans, Maier, McTague, Nelson, Short-Range Transit Service Plans