DART (Dallas) Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has reached the point where the current rail build-out is nearly completed and bus routes have been reorganized to facilitate a multi-modal transit network.  DART initiated the update of its 2040 Transit Systems Plan through a phased approach. Phase 1 included development of a 10-year Transit Plan resulting from a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA).  CTG was tasked as Lead Project Management of the COA.

The COA focused on development of recommendations to optimize existing transit service, improve transit mobility and improve cost effectiveness. CTG led the Staff and Public Input sessions and the Data Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Service tasks.  We developed a series of innovative service analysis tools including spreadsheets designed to manage large APC databases and used Google Earth to depict a series of relevant service analysis data.

The Latent Demand Analysis Task included a new dimension commonly missed in COA studies, understanding region-wide travel patterns of non-transit trips. CTG used mobility device movement data to develop a series of maps depicting trip volume and density; identification of activity centers within the region based on trip attractions and productions; and identification of significant travel patterns to and from these activity centers. The latent demand analysis included evaluation of Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics (LEHD) and American Community Survey (ACS) data to determine and confirm travel markets identified using mobile device data sets.

Under CTG leadership, the consultant team developed Cost-Neutral, Moderate Growth and Full Service plans. DART is presently incrementally implementing COA recommendations.

Categories: Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Travel Data and Analytics
People: Barnett, Crobons, Maier, McTague, Waters

  • Categories: Barnett, Crobons, Maier, McTague, Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Travel Data and Analytics, Waters