DART (Dallas) Streetcar

CTG was part of a consultant team assembled by DART to complete an Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Engineering for the Dallas Streetcar.   Initial service was proposed from Union Station in downtown Dallas to the Oak Cliff neighborhood.  CTG was responsible for developing travel time estimates, service plan requirements and annual O&M cost estimates.  A unique feature of the streetcar is operation on battery power when crossing the Trinity River on a historic bridge, and with overhead catenary on both sides of the bridge.   The streetcar began operation in 2015.

More recently, CTG assisted DART in the development of streetcar alternatives linking the modern streetcar line to the Bishop Arts District with the vintage McKinney Avenue streetcar line. For each streetcar alternative, CTG has developed travel time estimates, streetcar operating plans, evaluated recommended modifications to the existing operating and maintenance cost model.

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People: Baker, Rosales

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