DART (Dallas) Title VI Fare Equity Analysis

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is planning to modify its fare structure beginning in Fall 2018.  DART will initiate a stored-value card program, creating a new account-based fare system which will require users to validate media upon boarding buses and prior to boarding trains.  DART also plans on offering fare capping for day passes and monthly passes to benefit lower income users.

Through an on-call services contract, CTG was retained to complete a Title VI fare equity analysis.  Specifically, the equity analysis is required to determine if there are disparate impacts for minority populations and/or disproportionate burden impacts for low-income populations.

CTG also completed an analysis of the geographic distribution of proposed fare media vendors.  Riders will be able to purchase stored media cards at various sales outlets throughout the service area and at DART rail stations.  A geospatial analysis was completed to determine if minority and/or low income riders will be disproportionately impacted by proposed locations of fare media vendors.

Categories: Transit Implementation and Scheduling
People: Baker, Barnett, Rosales

  • Categories: Baker, Barnett, Rosales, Transit Implementation and Scheduling