Delaware Water Gap Shuttle Service Evaluation and Operational Analysis

In 2017, CTG was part of the consultant team that completed an evaluation and operational analysis of shuttle service operating in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA) for the National Park Service (NPS).  CTG’s role was the evaluation of and recommendations for the River Runner Shuttle operated for the NPS by the Monroe County Transit Authority (MCTA).  The River Runner weekend service provides alternatives to driving within DEWA, and provides options for visitors to travel within the park.  The shuttle is unique in that it carries both passengers and their boats and bikes via a small trailer.

CTG conducted extensive field observations, research, and analysis focused on the operations of the River Runner Shuttle over the course of five months.  Armed with data from the observations, we analyzed the shuttle’s service productivity and performance by stop and by trip, as well as on-time performance.  We also completed a peer review of similarly sized and positioned shuttle services operating in park environments nationwide.

CTG then developed recommendations for improvements to the shuttle operations, including shuttle services connecting intermodal services and remote parking to destinations within the park as a supplement to the River Runner.  These recommendations would support a more multimodal approach to the transportation network including managed access at the most popular and heavily visited sites.

Categories: Short-Range Transit Service Plans
People: Heard, McTague

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