Doral Freight Improvement Plan: Roadway Deficiency Analysis

CTG was part of a consultant team seeking to identify and analyze freight corridors in and around the city of Doral in Miami Dade County. This effort was the fourth in a series of projects initiated by Florida Department of Transport, District 6 to implement its Freight Mobility and Trade Plan (FMTP). The strategy is to advance the implementation of the freight and logistics transportation system by partnering with local communities and stakeholders to develop subarea freight plans. Team’s efforts included the identification of short-, mid- and long-term projects within the Doral study area for advanced programming through various State, Federal and Local funding programs.

CTG led the travel demand modeling efforts to assist in developing recommendation on roadway projects within the study area as well as prioritizing them. Southeast Florida Regional Planning Model (SERPM) version 7.0, is used as the travel demand modeling tool in this study. The Cube Analyst (a Matrix Estimation process) version of this model has a base year of 2015. CTG validated this version of the model for the Doral study area. The validation effort included updating the highway network, gathering and incorporating traffic counts, restricting truck movements in the study area and modeling the Miami International Airport (MIA) West Cargo Area and Port of Miami as special generators of truck trips.

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