Greenlink Comprehensive Operations Analysis and Transit Development Plan

While Greenville is experiencing explosive population and employment growth, there remain significant gaps in Greenville’s transit system, specifically with regards to the service area footprint, long wait times and limited service hours.  In early 2017, Greenlink contracted with CTG to complete a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) and update Greenlink’s Transit Development Plan (TDP), using recommendations from the COA.

A key objective of the COA was to provide an in-depth study of Greenlink’s strengths and areas for improvement and to provide short-term (1-2 years) service plan recommendations for implementation.  The COA was completed in August 2017, and Greenlink will soon be implementing the revenue-neutral recommendations to improve the efficiency of the existing fixed route system.

While the COA was an important first step in the process of making improvements needed and desired by the community, travel needs beyond the existing system offerings were addressed through the five-year Transit Development Plan (TDP).  The TDP includes a prioritized service plan that demonstrates where and how Greenlink should operate expanded services in the next five fiscal years (2020-2024), by 2029, and beyond.  It also makes the case for additional transit funding for the service expansion through a peer funding analysis that demonstrates the extent to which Greenville is underfunding its transit system.

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People: Heard, Maier, McTague, Orenchuk

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