Houston-Galveston 2017 Regional Transit On-Board OD Survey

CTG is part of a team selected by The Houston‐Galveston Area Council of Government (H-GAC) in 2017 to plan, conduct and expand a systemwide survey of transit services within their service region. CTG was tasked specifically with performing a secondary expansion and review of the survey datasets.

A secondary expansion builds upon the initial expansion by re-expanding the sample across additional dimensions. This allows the survey dataset to closely represent known travel patterns. The secondary expansion corrects for differences in response rates across markets that are not as easily addressed. For the H-GAC 2017 Regional Transit On-Board Origin Destination Survey, the secondary expansion included park & ride/non-park & ride trips at selected park-and-ride lots, and bike users/non-bike users’ trips.

Categories: Travel Data and Analytics
People: K. Kim

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