Houston METRO METRONext Regional Transit Plan

Population in the greater Houston region is expected to increase from 6 million today to nearly 10 million in the next 20 years.  In response to the mobility challenges associated with these growth projections, METRO is in the process of completing the METRONext Regional Transit Plan.  This plan identifies needed major capital investments and service improvements to the METRO transit network.

CTG prepared all service plans and operating and maintenance costs for over 60 light rail, commuter rail, commuter bus and bus rapid transit projects identified in 11 corridors.  This effort was part of a comprehensive screening which led to the development of a set of key projects advanced to the Vision Plan.

CTG also completed an analysis of future bus bay requirements at the Wheeler Transit Center, given the services proposed in the Vision Plan.

Categories: Long-Range Systems Plans
People: Baker, Barnett, Barnum, Nelson, Rosales

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