Jefferson Parish Transit (JeT) Rider On-Board Survey

CTG led a survey effort for the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA) and Jefferson Parish Transit (JeT), who were considering a new policy that would allow passengers to transfer between the two systems without paying a second boarding fare. While a data collection firm handled the survey logistics and fieldwork, CTG managed the survey effort by designing the sampling plan using statistical accuracy methods, performed quality control on the survey data, expanded the survey to existing ridership, analyzed the survey and provided the key results to both transit agencies.

CTG reviewed of the survey records using an automated process that verifies the data consistency of each survey record. Once the dataset was finalized, CTG expanded the sample to reflect a daily weekday average ridership by route, direction and time of day period. The process of expanding the sample requires two steps: (1) determining the average number of weekday ridership by route, time period and direction and (2) calculating expansion factors for unlinked (i.e., boardings) and linked trips.

Because of the survey and analysis, both transit agencies agreed to enact a regional transit fare and drop inter-system transfer fares. Implementation of the regional fare is expected in 2018.

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