MARTA Georgia 400 Corridor Transit Initiative

CTG has been assisting MARTA with its “Connect 400” corridor project.  This project consists of premium transit service along GA 400 from the Red Line’s northern terminus station (North Springs) to Windward Parkway in North Fulton County.  Alternatives initially evaluated include an extension of the Red Line (heavy rail transit), a new dedicated guideway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and BRT service that utilizes potential exclusive (managed) lanes. Bus Rapid Transit in exclusive lanes is being advanced for implementation.

CTG was responsible for developing detailed transit service plans.  We developed station-to-station travel time estimates for each premium transit alternative for use in ridership forecasts, and determined premium transit service requirements. We also defined background bus service modifications to improve transit service connectivity to each premium transit alternative.  Project operating and maintenance (O&M) cost estimates were also developed by CTG.

CTG was responsible for developing secondary ridership forecasts were developed using STOPS for the alternatives. The work efforts included a regional calibration of transit travel, station-level calibration of the MARTA rail and utilizing 2009/2010 ARC on-board survey to inform STOPS about the existing transit travel in Atlanta area. CTG staff successfully completed the STOPS implementation and forecasting for all three alternatives within 45 days. As part of this effort, CTG also performed preliminary re-expansion of the survey to 2014/2015 conditions using the ridership data available at the time.

Categories: Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Ridership Forecasts & Capital Investment Grants
People: Chang, Kumar, Rapolu

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