METRA Public Transit Needs Assessment

In September 2013, Columbus Consolidated Government executed a contract with CTG to complete the METRA Transit Needs Assessment.  CTG served as the prime consultant of this project and led the development of fixed-route analysis and recommendations.  Project objectives were to examine the existing METRA system to determine whether it is fully serving the existing and future needs in the Columbus Urbanized Area, and to identify short-range and long-range recommendations to improve service quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

In 2016, CTG supported METRA’s implementation of the recommendations.  Work included service planning, scheduling, training, bus stop siting, and development of public timetables.  Service was implemented in October 2016.  CTG was also brought back by METRA to conduct a one-year service effectiveness performance review and to assist with implementation of recommended changes in May 2018.

Categories: Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Transit Implementation and Scheduling
People: Barnett, Heard, Maier, McTague, Waters

  • Categories: Barnett, Heard, Maier, McTague, Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Transit Implementation and Scheduling, Waters