New Orleans Regional Transit Authority STOPS Model

CTG is providing technical assistance to Transdev (NORTA’s transit operator) as part of an on-call contract. The areas of support include transit service assessment, operations planning, ridership forecasting, and data analytics.

As part of the support services, CTG developed a STOPS ridership model for the New Orleans region, first by including NORTA routes and Orleans Parish geography. This was the first ridership forecasting travel demand model available to NORTA that could be used in service planning studies for estimating ridership changes. Later the model was expanded to Jefferson Parish to include JeT routes to account for transfers between the two systems and travel flows between the two Parishes. The current version of the model is an incremental STOPS set up using various available on-board surveys in the region (2011 NORTA system-wide, 2017 JeT system-wide and 2016 Route 49 surveys). The model is being successfully utilized for several ridership efforts in support of continued service enhancements in New Orleans.

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