New Orleans St. Claude and Elysian Fields Streetcar Extensions

CTG is providing technical assistance to Transdev (NORTA’s transit operator) as part of an on-call contract. The areas of support include transit service assessment, operations planning, ridership forecasting, and data analytics.

As part of the support services, CTG is leading the transit operations planning and ridership forecasting tasks to support the Small Starts funding application of Rampart/St. Claude Line Streetcar Expansions. CTG developed a series of operating scenarios that integrated the extensions with existing streetcar infrastructure to create service patterns aimed at improving circulation in the French Quarter and downtown core. CTG also prepared a Jobs Accessibility Index to quantify how each scenario performed in terms of expanding access to employment within a given timeframe. CTG will also be preparing O&M costs for each scenario.

As part of the ridership forecasting effort, CTG developed a STOPS model that includes Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. The model is an incremental STOPS set up using various available on-board surveys in the region (2011 NORTA system-wide, 2017 JeT system-wide and 2016 Route 49 surveys). CTG is coordinating with FTA’s planning staff in the review of the STOPS model to be used for the study.

Categories: Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Ridership Forecasts & Capital Investment Grants
People: Kocetepe, Kumar, Nelson

  • Categories: Kocetepe, Kumar, Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Nelson, Ridership Forecasts & Capital Investment Grants