New York Select Bus Service (SBS) – NYCDOT

CTG was part of the consultant team that completed Select Bus Service Studies in the Bronx, Flushing to Jamaica, and in South Brooklyn. Select Bus Service (SBS) in the New York area branded bus rapid transit (BRT) service. These studies examined corridor alternatives for the implementation of semi and exclusive bus rapid transit type service including transit signal priority (TSP), queue jump lanes, alignment segments with exclusive bus only lanes and traffic mitigation measures designed to improve traffic flow and SBS travel speeds. These projects addressed four primary tasks, concept development and screening alternatives for full concept design; concept design into a final conceptual plan; environmental review and preparation of a NEPA Categorical Exclusion checklist and coordinated with the Federal Transit Administration to achieve environmental approval; and community involvement throughout project development.

CTG assisted NYCDOT in examination of terminal operations plans, corridor operating plans including: ridership analysis; field analysis and station location analysis; travel time estimates and operating costs and requirements; and development of supporting bus service plans for the surrounding bus network if necessary.  The Webster Avenue (Bronx) SBS and the Flushing to Jamaica (Queens) SBS projects have advanced to implementation, while the South Brooklyn SBS project is still in the design and funding phase.

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People: Crobons, Orenchuk

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