NIRPC Hobart Transit Feasibility Study

The City of Hobart, in conjunction with the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC), embarked on a transit feasibility study. The goal of the study was to determine if transit is feasible in Hobart, and what type of service should be provided.

CTG provided support on the study by determining the potential transit market and then developing various service delivery alternatives to support this market.  To determine the transit market we conducted a peer analysis of various small city operators in Indiana to understand the range of potential riders per capita, riders per revenue hour, and riders per revenue mile.

After determining the potential riders, CTG developed service alternatives. These were based on the type of service (demand response or fixed route) and the service plan. Draft alternatives were presented to the steering committee, and a final alternative of demand response was selected. Of chief concern is how much it will cost locally, and what funds Hobart could tap to pay for part of the service. A short feasibility and implementation task was added at the end of the study to further evaluate whether the preferred alternative can qualify for local funding.

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