North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT

The North Hollywood (NoHo) to Pasadena corridor extends from the North Hollywood Metro Red/Orange Line station to the Metro Gold Line in Pasadena, linking North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, and Pasadena.  While this corridor contains a significant travel market, it is an underserved transit market.  A BRT study was conducted to explore an attractive BRT service that could significantly encourage transit use.

Several BRT concepts were evaluated, involving major arterials and freeway segments.  CTG prepared travel time estimates for each of concept, taking into consideration operating environment and travel time variances by time of day.  CTG was also responsible for establishing service plans by time of day and day of week for the BRT service, based on projected passenger loads.  Background bus services were also reviewed and modified as appropriate for planning purposes.

O&M costs were determined with the development of a BRT O&M cost model, based on standard bus costs along with additional unit costs associated with BRT-specific features.  Changes to O&M cost associated with changes to the local bus service were also determined.

The study has led to identification of a prime freeway concept and a prime surface street concept. CTG is presently participating in the next phase of the project.

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