Richmond Transit Network Plan Implementation Assistance

The City of Richmond recently completed a transit plan that dramatically restructures transit service within the City.  The City and the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) are working towards implementing this service plan in conjunction with the planned opening of Richmond’s Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project (named the Pulse), which is scheduled to begin service in summer 2018.

The City of Richmond and GRTC recently engaged CTG to provide assistance with various implementation planning efforts.  Specifically, CTG has been assisting with the following tasks:

  • Refinement of service plan proposals at major transfer locations;
  • Calculation of new route run times between time points.
  • Calculation of service requirements based on new run time estimates and proposed service frequencies.
  • Development of new schedules that are clock-faced and built to maximize timed transfer opportunities throughout the network. Schedules were developed with Hastus scheduling software.

Categories: Transit Implementation and Scheduling
People: Baker, Maier, McTague, R. Kim, Waters

  • Categories: Baker, Maier, McTague, Transit Implementation and Scheduling, Waters