SFRTA Commuter Bus Operations Analysis

CTG was part of a consultant team that is providing transit planning support to the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) for a commuter bus operations analysis. The SFRTA operates the regional commuter rail service (Tri-Rail) and has a unique fixed route flag stop shuttle service that provides first and last mile trips to Tri-Rail train commuters. Due to rising costs and limited budgets, the SFRTA wanted to find ways to optimize their shuttle service to save on operating costs and still provide the necessary feeder shuttle service to their Tri-Rail stations. CTG’s primary role included assessing existing SFRTA shuttle operations, assisting on converting and implementing shuttle service to fixed stops, and created the Commuter Bus Operations Plan.

CTG was responsible for creating the final deliverable, Commuter Bus Operations Plan, that the SFRTA can use to help guide fixed stop implementation and evaluate existing and new service through detailed planning and evaluation procedures and set service standards and performance measures. The service standards and performance measures use a bench mark approach to evaluate operations based on productivity, efficiency, and quality. Routes are evaluated every quarter and if a key performance measure falls beneath the set standard, it will trigger SFRTA staff to conduct a route evaluation based on the monitoring procedures outlined in the plan.

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