South Cobb Transit Evaluation and Implementation Plan

The purpose of this project for Cobb DOT was to prepare an implementation plan for advancing sustainable transit options that connect to employment and improve quality of life in the southern portion of Cobb County.  As the prime contractor, CTG completed a transit environment analysis that focused on current and future population, employment and land use conditions and transportation-disadvantaged populations.  We also completed a ridecheck survey for Route 30 and developed a detailed route profile.

With that information conceptual alternatives were developed and evaluated.  This led to recommendations that modified Route 20 service, called for flex zone service in low density areas of South Cobb and proposed new Route 25 service to improve east-west connectivity in the Mableton area.

Cobb County implemented the recommended improvements to Route 20 and Route 30 in July 2014 and initiated flex-zone service in March 2015.  CTG then provided assistance to CobbLinc with implementation tasks associated with Route 25 service and additional modifications to Route 20, with service implemented in September 2016.

Categories: Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Transit Implementation and Scheduling
People: Heard, Maier

  • Categories: Heard, Maier, Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Transit Implementation and Scheduling