South Florida Express Bus Service and Market Analysis

Over the past two decades, population growth in South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade counties) has rapidly increased resulting in significant congestion on I-75, I-95, and other surrounding roadways. This explosion in population growth lead to the study of and generated major expansion construction projects on I-75/I-95 which include expansion of the roadways’ capacity, interchange improvements, additional park-and-ride lots, preservation of right-of-way (ROW) for a future transit guideway system, and median express lanes. FDOT tasked CTG with developing several express bus scenarios that would serve commuter markets and utilize the newly developed median express lanes.

A Travel Market Assessment was completed to document existing transit services and identify underserved markets along the I-75 and I-95 corridors. The assessment utilized American Community Survey Journey-to-Work flow data.  Aggregations of the trips patterns were used to estimate travel market sizes between major origins and destinations. Express bus service alternatives were then developed from this analysis.

Each alternative was individually assessed, park-and-ride locations were identified, and proposed alignments were identified. CTG created a service planning analysis for each alignment. Detailed runtimes models were created to estimate travel times, and a google travel time analysis was used to calibrate each model. The runtimes were used to generate operating plans that estimated O&M costs, operating statistics, and peak vehicles. After the service planning analysis was completed for each alternative, graphic cutsheets were made to outline the components of each alternative to the client.

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