Southeast Florida Multi-modal Modeling Support

CTG is leading a team that is providing multi modal support and application services to the Florida Department of Transport, District 4 under an on-call General Planning Consultant (GPC) contract. CTG is providing professional planning services to the Department in developing and applying demand forecasts modeling, transit data gathering and collection support, service planning and other technical and review services to support all corridor-specific multi-modal projects in the District.

As part of this contract, CTG led or is leading the following model development and application efforts over the past few years:

  • Data driven incremental ridership model using Broward County Transit on-board survey data to support transit corridor studies in Broward County
  • Future parking space requirement at Sheridan Street park-and-ride lot in Broward County. The lot is currently served by several transit services – Tri-Rail, I-95 Express buses, BCT local bus, Tri-Rail shuttle and several intercity buses.
  • Palm Beach County STOPS model development intended to be used for transit studies in Palm Beach
  • Travel data inventory to support potential Palm Beach International Airport intermodal connection
  • Sample Road corridor transit on-board survey data collection management, survey plan, sampling plan, expansion and analysis
  • Data-driven service planning assessment tool utilizing ridership data collected by FDOT on behalf of Broward County Transit

Categories: Travel Data and Analytics, Travel Demand Modeling
People: Hu, Kocetepe, Kumar, Rapolu

  • Categories: Hu, Kocetepe, Kumar, Rapolu, Travel Data and Analytics, Travel Demand Modeling