Southeast Florida Regional Planning Model Development Support

CTG is part of the consultant team responsible for updating the Southeast Florida Regional Planning Model (SERPM). CTG is leading the efforts to enhance the transit elements of the model, including recalibration and validation using the latest available ridership data in the region. SERPM 7.0, the current version of the regional model is the first activity-based model in the region. The model has a base year of 2010 and horizon year of 2040, which will be updated to 2015 and 2045 respectively in the version 8.0 update. The region is currently conducting a household survey, which will be the key travel data used for updating the travel demand model.

The first steps would be to assemble and update all the input data to the new base and horizon years. CTG is currently developing the base year (2015) transit network as well as analyzing and expanding the on-board surveys conducted on four major transit providers in the region. The on-board survey data will be used in determining the mode choice model structure suitable for region’s transit markets and travel patterns. This task will be followed by calibration and validation of the regional model.

Categories: Travel Demand Modeling

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