Southeast Florida Regional STOPS Model

On behalf of Florida Department of Transportation District 4, CTG implemented the concept of a first-of-its-kind “regional” STOPS model for planning purposes – rather than a model targeted to a single corridor – to assist a client with (a) multiple upcoming transit corridor studies and (b) a regional travel demand model not sufficiently validated for FTA New Starts analysis.

The model implementation included assembling and processing stop level Automatic Passenger (APC) data for three of the four major transit agencies in the region. The model has a 2015 base year and was rigorously calibrated in accordance with the calibration expectations for STOPS from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). It has been made available to regional public agencies for generating transit ridership forecasts on upcoming fixed guideway projects in the region, including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), LRT, commuter rail and streetcar projects. The model includes an interface to allow users to select a specific county or the entire region (Tri-County area) to model and is calibrated to the existing transit travel at a regional level. CTG also conducted a one-day training session for this model in November 2016 to assist region’s public agencies and the consultants in applying the model for their studies.

Categories: Travel Demand Modeling
People: Kumar, Rapolu

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