SunRail Phase 1 Before and After Study

CTG is leading an effort for the Florida Department of Transportation, District 5 to manage and perform technical tasks for the SunRail Phase 1 Before and After Study. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires sponsors of Capital Investment Grant (commonly known as “New Starts”) projects prepare a Before and After Study to document the actual outcomes and monitor the accuracy of predicted outcomes to identify methods and procedures that might warrant subsequent attention to improve their reliability. The Orlando SunRail Phase 1 Before and After Study will fulfill this requirement for the SunRail Phase 1 project. This first phase is a 32-mile segment that includes 12 stations, with four stations located in downtown Orlando; it is the first commuter rail line in the Central Florida region.

The study documented the predicted and actual outcomes for five major project characteristics: physical scope, capital costs, transit service levels, operating and maintenance costs, and ridership. The study also assessed the accuracy of the predicted outcomes, highlighting methods, procedures or circumstances that led to inaccurate predictions. The study is being closely coordinated with FTA staff. CTG performed most of the ridership tasks as well as the transit service levels and operating and maintenance costs tasks. The final report is expected to be delivered in 2018.

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People: Chaudhary, Schmitt

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