Tulsa Connecting Progress Operations Analysis

CTG served as the prime consultant for the Connecting Progress Operations Analysis for Tulsa Transit. Tulsa is preparing for implementation of its first bus rapid transit line, dubbed AERO Peoria Avenue (CTG also previously provided operations analysis and O&M costing in support of the AERO project). The goal of Connecting Progress is to consider the best way to connect with AERO Peoria, while also refreshing service delivery for the rest of the network.

CTG completed data collection in Fall 2017, including a partnership with UTA to collect ridership data. Existing conditions analysis took place in late winter 2018, and draft recommendations were developed in Spring 2018. A robust outreach program has accompanied the entirety of the study.

The recommended network is a fairly large change for Tulsa Transit. The centerpiece is five mini-hubs developed to allow for transfers away from downtown Tulsa while also giving the convenience and efficiency of a pulse network. A test of trip travel times shows an average 25% improvement for riders throughout the network.

The revised network is expected to be implemented in Summer 2019.

Categories: Short-Range Transit Service Plans
People: Barnett, McTague, Orenchuk, Rosales, Waters

  • Categories: Barnett, McTague, Orenchuk, Rosales, Short-Range Transit Service Plans, Waters