Travel Demand Modeling

To assess the benefits that a new roadway project or a new transit line will provide, it is necessary to assess the travel demand.  CTG develops and uses different methods of travel demand forecasting depending on the needs of the project.  Those methods include use of commercial modeling software packages (Cube, Voyager, TP+, TRANPLAN, TRANSCAD and EMME/2).  CTG staff is proficient in data-driven, traditional four-step and activity-based modeling paradigms. CTG is also an industry leader in use of FTA’s STOPS model.  We have applied demand models to numerous traffic forecasting studies, master plans, transit corridor projects being considered by FTA for Capital Investment Grant funding, and sub-area and regional traffic and transit planning studies.

  • Travel Market Analysis
  • Development and Application of Traditional Four Step Travel Demand Models
  • Development and Application of Activity-and Tour-Based Models
  • FTA STOPS Models
  • Data-Driven Forecasting Models
  • Customized Sketch Tools and Spreadsheet Applications

Highlighted Projects